Feb 02

Who Knew Math Could Be So Much Fun?!?


2015-01-31 12.04.03NFK’s Family Literacy Event, “Have Fun with Math,” at Kids Zone was a blast! Our featured presenter, Rebecca “Storyweaver” Cohen, had the kids counting by twos and dividing chocolate chip cookies in response to two tales of a magic rice paddle and a dozen of the classic cookies.
The interactive event highlighted fun booths where kids and their 2015-01-31 11.44.21parents played math games, made change (with real money–thank you, Debbie Davilla!), read popular children’s books that feature math, and more.
2015-01-31 11.26.47Kids Zone kids Isabella Long, Rylee Senner, and Flores Hanson presented “Mr. P’s Properties of …Math.” And the Art Class contributed patterned art, reflecting math concepts in art!
A BIG Thank You to all the hardworking organizers, staff and volunteers who made this event possible.