Dec 04

A Letter from the NFK Board of Directors

Many of you have seen us around Neighbors For Kids at one time or another.  We are the NFK Board of Directors.  Our job as volunteers is to help raise money to keep the programs at Kids Zone running, to make sure that the employees and volunteers who work with our Kids Zone kids fulfill the mission of NFK, and to help spread the news about our success here in Depoe Bay to others.

Bob Houston is president of NFK and is the chairman of the Board.  He and the Board help Executive Director Toby Winn plan and budget, manage staff and volunteers, and make sure that NFK stays healthy now and into the future.  It is hard work, but the payoff can be surprising.

NFK Board Member and Vice President Steve Sparks

NFK Board Member and Vice President Steve Sparks

Recently Steve Sparks, the vice chairman of the Board, ran for the Depoe Bay City Council–and won!  Steve says that one of the major reasons he won is that everyone knows how successful NFK has become, and they know that he is part of this wonderful organization.  Steve gives both the NFK Board and the Kids Zone kids the credit.

He says, “The NFK culture of success thrives, because we  believe in leading with innovation and empowerment that starts with the kids owning their future.”  After five years working with the NFK team, Steve will be leaving the Board as an active member when he is sworn in at the City on January 2, 2015.  However, Steve won’t really be leaving us.  He will be awarded the honorary title, “Board Member Emeritus,” which means that he will still be welcome to attend our Board meetings and to continue spreading the word about our successes and progress!