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The Killer Whales Rowing Club

“Killer Whales” on the water again in 20142014-08-19 13.44.34

The Killer Whales Rowing Club was re-launched this year in the Depoe Bay Harbor.  Thanks to a grant from the Oregon State Marine Board for new rowing skiffs, and to the time and energy of our dedicated volunteers, Beanie Robison and Board Member Liz Martin, the boats “shoved off” and the kids got back on the water to row their hearts out, connect with the ocean and have some fun with their peers, while learning about water safety, navigation and teamwork.

2014-07-29 14.21.08The Killer Whales Rowing Club was Kids Zone’s first-ever program, started when one of our founding members, Jack Brown, took kids that hung around the Depoe Bay Harbor after school for rides in his rowboat and taught them a skill that made them feel good about themselves.  They had fun and kept coming back!   We are so proud to be able to offer this Club again to local kids, because it brings us back to our local roots.  We are a small coastal village with a vibrant harbor, where people respect the ocean, make a living off fishing, whale watching and other recreational water-based activities.

2014-08-19 13.36.37The kids have always been part of this equation, and we are excited to support the Rowing Club over the course of the year.  Now that the fall and winter seasons are upon us, the Club will meet Fridays after school and all activities will be weather-dependent and properly supervised for safety and to maximize the fun.  If you see the Kids Zone youth out on the water rowing, feel free to give them a friendly wave and some kind words of encouragement, and please consider volunteering if you might have the time and be interested in this super cool community effort!  Go Killer Whales Rowing Club!


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