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My Life, My Health Program

image6During the long, dreary rainy season on the Oregon Coast, it is easy to lose track of our fitness priorities.  So many of the physical activities Left Coasters indulge in to stay fit and healthy are suited for the outdoors, and the weather just doesn’t allow for these opportunities much of the year.

Fortunately, Neighbors For Kids’ implementation of the My Life, My Health program keeps our kids (and staff!) on their toes!  The students are receiving 45 minutes each day of near constant physical motion during the after-school program. Games and activities are designed to be non-exclusive to promote sustained increase of hear rates.  This means that some of the familiar childhood games, such as tag, have been altered so that when a child is “out,” for example, they must complete a physical challenge to get back “in” the game.  The physical challenges range from a few jumping jacks to complete routines, including many short activities.

This physical activity is incredibly important to our children’s health and well-being.  The nationwide prevalence of childhood obesity has grown at alarming rates over the past two decades.  And it is no different for those of us here in Lincoln County.  According to the latest Community Health Assessment last year in Lincoln County, 26 percent of youth 17 years of age and younger can be classified as obese.  On top of the physical benefits, exercise increases energy, improves sleep, aids in overall relation and positive self-esteem. Feel free to stop in and join us for some healthy fun!