Our Partners

Neighbors For Kids is exceedingly grateful for all of our community and funding partners who have helped us get where we are, and who continue to support our efforts. Your time, money, and effort have made an incredible difference to this community. With continued support, Neighbors For Kids will have the ability to benefit even more children by providing enriching activities and a positive influence.

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Current Collaborations

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) supports NFK each year with reimbursement funds, program administration and trainings, assisting their efforts in feeding children within the USDA Food Program (see below). In addition, ODE awarded NFK funding from a USDA- CACFP Child Care Wellness Grant, standing behind NFK’s My Health, My Life Project (see below), a project …

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Past and Present Funding Sources

Over the past twelve years, Neighbors for Kids has achieved some remarkable successes. Enrollment in after-school programs has increased significantly, and programs have been enhanced to include components in science, technology, engineering, math, and health. All students now have access to the latest technology resources via PC laptops and high-speed broadband access to Internet. A big …

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